Wednesday, August 10, 2016


By Eunice

Did we make it to CA?? Yes, yes we did. Here are some brief updates:

  • Boards: We just found out yesterday that Ted passed his written board exam! Praise God! Now, he can start preparing for the oral portion, which he'll take early this fall. 
  • Farewell: We said farewell to Ann Arbor and our amazing community that has surrounded and journeyed alongside us during various seasons of our life there. St. Joe's, Liggett, Grace Ann Arbor (esp our community group), our HMCC friends, the Kangs, Alicejandro, the Cropseys, the Wildes, SBS -- we miss you all dearly! Here are some snapshots...

  • Orientation: We spent the last 10 days of July in TN (CMDA headquarters) and NC (Samaritan's Purse headquarters). It was a very blessed and much needed time, especially for Ted and myself as a couple. We'll have a separate follow-up post re: our time at orientation.
  • Moving/Packing: We're almost experts. There's been a lot of downsizing, Craigslisting, moving, packing, more downsizing, and traveling over this past year and especially the past few weeks. It was painful and tiring, but we were able to pack our life into 12 check-ins and 2 carry-ons. I'd say that's pretty good! And...we made it to our new temporary space in CA! It's all training for the big move, we tell ourselves. =) 

What's next/prayer requests?
  • FrenchTed and I will begin studying French independently in preparation for future/more formal language studies.
  • Support RaisingWe will also be using the next several months to reconnect with old friends as well as raise support, both in prayer and finances. Please pray for travel mercies and that we would be an encouragement to those we meet.
  • Baby #2We are expecting baby #2 (it's a boy!) at the end of this year. Please pray for the continued health and growth of the baby (and mom).

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